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Prodigy Tactics


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Prodigy Tactics EA: Update #3

New character and additional tutorial lessons. Introduction of new mechanics.

1. New playable character: Orin-Aki.

2. Tutorial lessons 4 and 5 + additional points on Tutorial 1:

  • Addition of more elements with the existing Tutorial 1, covering character movements during attack phase and description of the new heal system depending on the character types (offensive, support, protective).
  • Addition of the Tutorial 4, dedicated to the characters Alterated Status.
  • Addition of the Tutorial 5, dedicated to the Special Circles on Battlefield.

3. Game balancing:

  • Crag Special 1 (bonus for each circle between crag and his target) now targets the last opponent of the column in front of him.
  • New Heal system depending on the character types: Offensive, Support, Protective.
  • Defense value is now 175 for watchers and 166 for guardians. It is the median value between average base attack damage and special damage.
  • All Power circles value have been increased. Their interest was too weak because they don’t allow to launch a special attack. Elon’s square was Power (50) and is now Power (200).
  • Basic attacks get bigger damage to grant a more interesting choice between specials and basic attacks, increased from 50 to 100.
  • Defense value is increased from 50 to 140 (irreducible damage keep unchanged).
  • 0 Defense value for a character making a counter-attack.
  • Dissonance bonus damage increased from 35 – 75 to 75 – 125.
  • Dissonance explosion damage increased from 9 – 12 with +95% per dissonance circle to 13 – 18 with +180% per circle (fast explosions were painful because they cancel the possibility to launch a special capacity, now they will deal less damage than it should, it’s balanced with higher damage with a lot of circles).

4. Bugs fix: Here is the list of main fixed bugs/adjustments.

  • Resolution 1080p fixed bug on Options menu.
  • Poison damage stop stacking.
  • Loading a game and surrender before starting the characters selection. Crash fixed.
  • Pause Menu on Start screen. Bug fixed.
  • Pause Menu on Bastion and Training mode fixed.

5. Improvements:

  • When you finish a tutorial lesson, game come back in Tutorial Menu Selection.
  • On tutorial, hover on characters avatars reinforcement.
  • Unpress button to press another button on Arcana during combats.

Orin, he who is silenced.

Orin was born in the Aki family, aristocratic Shirazs that were tightly bound to the service of Kazim, ruler of the northern kingdoms.
His father, Tarund Aki, was a stern man who never displayed any kind of appreciation towards his son. Like many others of his rank, he had been ordered by Kazim to wed a human spouse in order to try to father a child of Fate – a future Watcher. And like many others, he succeeded.

The kids that were born this way didn’t have a name for the first twenty years of their lives. They formed a coalition of strictly trained warriors, children fighters educated to reach excellency in all domains. Young or old, these units were called the Heralds of Dis. The Heralds were nameless ghosts under the direct orders of Kazim, and carried out his wishes with flawless efficiency. Bribery, poisoning and espionage for the youngest; diplomacy, direct murder and raids for the older ones.

The son of Tarund received an especially spartan schooling: his father didn’t tolerate failure or mistakes, and each misstep was punished by a cruel flogging. His child learned to strive for perfection as his body grew covered in scars. When he failed his first assassination, Tarund cut his left arm and waited for one full year before replacing it with a manasteel prosthesis.
To this day, the magical artifact still reacts to Orin’s Shiraz blood and burns his flesh – but his human heritage prevents the metal from killing him.

About the Game

In the world of Thasys, most races rely on Mana to survive. This magical energy is now growing scarce, and wars for survival are devastating the lands as magical beings fight over the last remaining scraps of this life-giving force. Somewhere, legendary creatures sleep an ageless slumber, hiding in their hearts the original Mana source. Only a few chosen ones can awaken these Creatures and guide them to save Thasys. They are the witnesses of a dying world, the last hope for the living.
They are the PRODIGIES.

Prodigy Tactics is a tactical turn-based game set in a fantastic world of Thasys, torn in a never ending war. Create a team of heroes, the last hope for the dying world, and lead them to the victory fighting hand in hand with powerful Guardians. Every character is equipped with a unique set of abilities to aid allies in the battle or to vanquish their foes.

Battles in Prodigy Tactics consists of two teams facing each other on a classic arena. Each team can move freely on a 3×4 squares field, adjusting their tactic to the synergy of characters. While one side is preparing an attack, the other one sets the defense or counter-attack – making the game dynamic and engaging for both players at the time. Positioning becomes a key-component of the fights, as it can change the current target and affects the attack power.

There are two powerful forces in the Prodigy world: Harmony and Dissonance. Each one can be used by the Watchers and both bring the new quality to the battlefield.
Harmony brings balance and aids team in the battle, allowing them to gain power to cast their special abilities. At the end of the turn, if the Hero acts in Harmony, it creates a square filled with Mana.
Dissonance is a powerful and unpredictable force. It fills the creature using it with enormous power capable of destroying even the strongest foes…. But this force comes with a great responsibility as Dissonance is unstable. Beware, this force used without a proper caution leads to chaos.

  • Tactical, Turn-based Gameplay
  • range of unique playable characters to form a team with
  • beautifully designed, diverse arenas
  • 2 solo modes: training and bastion
  • online multiplayer against a random opponent or a friend
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